Fiammetta De Innocentis, aka Fidi, is an illustrator and comic artist currently based in Caserta (Italy). Born in 1993 from an artistic household, she draws since she can remember. Her work is LGBTQ+ friendly, sex-positive and character-driven. She's a singer too and a cat mom to Bizet.
For inquiries, drop by fiammetta.deinnocentis@gmail.com
2018-2020: Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna / Art Education and Communication
2011-2014: Academy of Fine Arts of Naples / Graphic Design

2022: Warm Light [Marvel Steve/Tony collaborative charity zine]
2022: As A Crew [OFMD collaborative charity zine]
2022: Sparkles & Sea [collaborative charity zine]
2022: Noah's Ark II - Staff Only [18+ collaborative zine]
2022: Classics... but make it gay II [collaborative zine]
2021: Cover Me Queer [collaborative zine]
2021: Classics... but make it gay [collaborative zine]
2020: The Awakening [18+ comic]
2019: Suckers [18+ collaborative zine]
2018: Sex Therapy [18+ comic]
2018: Bound [18+ collaborative zine]
2022: SEAF (Seattle Erotic Art Festival)